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EMU social work major Andrew Penner

“I can’t believe that there are only five more weeks until I leave DC. This experience has been amazing for me and my professional growth. Week after week I learn new ways to organize, be a facilitator, learn how to interact with others and am challenged in the place where I am at, either at the Community Center or during home visits.”

-Andrew Penner, a spring 2014 intern, was an EMU senior majoring in social work. Andrew completed his practicum at Horton’s Kids, Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to WCSC as a first- or second-year student?
Yes! Most WCSC students are juniors or seniors, but occasionally mature first- or second-year students have been accepted into our program.

How does registration work?
Simply notify the registrar at your regular registration that you are interested in participating in WCSC.

Will I have a roommate?
Probably. We have 9 bedrooms, and a full program is 15 students. This means 12 out of the 15 students will have a roommate.

Can I use a bike in DC?
Yes! You can bring your own, or use one of the two house bikes. To encourage biking, travel stipend money will be awarded to students who bike just like everyone else. Students are responsible for regular house bike maintenance, although WCSC will pay for all associated costs.

Can I bring my car?
Yes, but cars are not essential. Metro rail and bus options are readily available and are the most common forms of transportation. Students who bring cars must be willing to drive for group outings such as the retreat in West Virginia and the WCSCchapel presentation at EMU, and will be reimbursed for mileage. City driving may be hazardous to your car’s health; all car owners should bring a steering wheel lock such as The Club, and consider leaving flashy cars at home.

Does the house have wireless?
The house is equipped with wireless and broadband connections to all the rooms, including wireless connection to the house printer. A computer in the seminar room is also available for student use.

How does payment work for WCSC?
If you are an EMU student you will pay your tuition, room and board directly to EMU. The EMU business office will send you a bill at the beginning of each semester. If you are a student from an institution other than EMU, you will remain a student at your home institution and pay your regular tuition and room and board, plus a program fee, to your home institution. Contact WCSC director Kimberly Schmidt with specific questions about financial aid and tuition.

What is this retreat I’ve heard about?
Each WCSC group goes on a weekend retreat. We are partners in the Rolling Ridge Retreat Center cooperative, a study-retreat center near Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. Retreat time is used to get a breather from the fast pace of the city, bond with other community learners, develop spiritually and enjoy the beauty of the woods. Student participation and a good attitude are assumed.


Do I have to pay for food?
No! EMU room and board covers your food and lodging costs. The house receives money each week for groceries, which we refer to as “6400 money” because of the WCSC budget line it is attributed to. One person will be in charge of keeping petty cash for the house, collecting receipts from every expenditure, and tallying up totals each week. The petty cash is used to pay for food, other house items (cleaning supplies, napkins, etc.), gas for the house car, and emergency taxi fares.

What happens to money left over from grocery shopping?
It pays to be thrifty! Any money not used on the week-to-week basis will be credited or “banked” to WCSCstudents. The banked money can then be used to go to cultural, educational, and group-building events with prior approval from one of the directors.

How much money will I need for WCSC?
Aside from possibly part of your transportation, your only expense should be entertainment. All your meals and lodging will be covered by your room and board.