Cheaper than a semester on campus?

Yes, it is possible! WCSC tuition is the same as on-campus tuition at EMU, and is paid to EMU as any other semester. All scholarships and financial aid follow you to DC, and you do not need to pay a cross-cultural fee. Also, you will not need to buy textbooks for WCSC—they are provided for you. Furthermore, EMU students who are workstudy eligible, work at a qualifying internship, and come to the WCSC during the fall or spring semester, can receive $750 in workstudy checks throughout the semester; all other EMU students will receive an $750 stipend in the form of a tuition credit. WCSC students who are not EMU students are rarely able to receive workstudy money (Bluffton University students cannot receive workstudy money).

Tuition + Room and Board

term cost financial aid
semester same as on-campus same as on-campus
summer about $7,136 Stafford loans
Summer costs: $3,500 (tuition), $3,486 (room and board), $150 (activity fee) = $7,136

Other Expenses

food (3 meals/day) covered
lodging covered
transportation to internship covered
retreat in West Virginia covered
Anacostia canoe trip covered
WCSC textbooks covered
optional outside class tuition covered
optional outside class textbooks not covered
other transportation not covered, $1.60-$4.60/ride
entertainment some covered*

Ways to Defray Costs

workstudy $750 available (except in summer) to EMU students, but check with your financial aid office
WCSC ‘stipend’ $750 account credit provided to non-workstudy eligible EMU students (except in summer)
odd jobs WCSC can often pay students to help with gardening and house maintenance
bicycle DC is one of the most bike-friendly cities, and we have 2 WCSC bikes
leave your car save on a few months of car insurance and take your car off the road
part-time work although discouraged, students may hold a part-time job while in WCSC
included events *several theater, music, or dance performances are included in program
grocery money *may be used for group outings with permission of the directors
free events! there are plenty of free things to do in DC!