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Cheaper than a semester on campus?

Yes, it is possible! WCSC tuition is the same as on-campus tuition at EMU, and is paid to EMU as any other semester. All scholarships and financial aid follow you to DC, and you do not need to pay a cross-cultural fee. Also, you will not need to buy textbooks for WCSC—they are provided for you. Furthermore, EMUstudents who are workstudy eligible, work at a qualifying internship, and come to the WCSC during the fall or spring semester, can receive $750 in workstudy checks throughout the semester; all other EMUstudents will receive an $750 stipend in the form of a tuition credit. WCSC students who are not EMUstudents are rarely able to receive workstudy money (Bluffton University students cannot receive workstudy money).

Tuition + Room and Board

Term Cost Financial Aid
Semester: Same as on campus Same as on campus
Summer About $7,136 Stafford Loans

Summer costs: $3,500 (tuition), $3,486 (room and board), $150 (activity fee) = $7,136

Other Expenses

Food (3 Meals/Day): Covered
Lodging: Covered
Transportation to Internship: Covered
Retreat in West Virginia: Covered
Anacostia Canoe Trip: Covered
WCSC textbooks: Covered
Optional Outside Class Tuition: Covered
Optional Outside Class Textbooks: Not Covered
Other Transportation: Not Covered, $1.60-$4.60/Ride
Entertainment: Some Covered*

Ways to Defray Costs

Workstudy: $750 available (except in summer) to EMUstudents, but check with your financial aid office.
WCSC‘Stipend’: $750 account credit provided to non-workstudy eligible EMU students (except in summer).
Odd Jobs: WCSC can often pay students to help with gardening and house maintenance.
Bicycle: DC is one of the most bike-friendly cities, and we have 2 WCSC bikes.
Leave Your Car: Save on a few months of car insurance/gas and take your car off the road.
Part-Time Work: Although discouraged, students may hold a part-time job while in WCSC.
Included Events: *Several theater, music, or dance performances are included in program.
Grocery Money: *May be used for group outings with permission of the directors.
Free Events: There are plenty of free things to do in DC!