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Bethel College Students

Welcome Bethel College Students

Learn more of what you need to know as a Bethel College student interested in the Washington Community Scholars' Center. 

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"I had a blast! Unlike most people, I would rather keep living with fifteen other people, than going back to living on my own or with only a couple others "

~- Jen Andres, Summer 2019, Bethel College major in Elementary Education

"Being in the city really solidified that I want to live in a big place. "

~Akiyaa Hagen-Depusor, Fall 2019, Bethel '20 in Social Work

"We are one of the few liberal arts universities with dedicated buildings and a local staff, which shows a real commitment to offering this kind of resume-building and urban cultural experience to students in all academic programs."

~WCSC Co-director Kimberly Schmidt



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