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Visual and Communication Arts

Minor in Journalism

The minor in journalism consists of 18 SH.

COMM 231 Pop Culture and Mass Communication (3)
COMM 241 News and Feature Writing (3)
COMM 342 Campus Communications: WeatherVane (3)
COMM 391 Communication Internship (3)
*DIGM 453 Documentary Production (3)
POL 101 Introduction to Politics (3)

Add-on Teaching Endorsement in Journalism

An add-on teaching endorsement may
be added to an existing teaching license
if the candidate has a baccalaureate degree,
an endorsement in any teaching area and
15 semester hours in journalism. Students
choose 15 semester hours from the following
list of courses: COMM 231, COMM 241,
COMM 342, DIGM 453, PHOTO 112, POL 101.