Digital Media and Communication Arts major

Find yourself. Be bold. Step out with real-world, hands-on studies that build your marketable skills as you work with professors who invest time and expertise in you.

The digital media and communication arts major focuses on the intersection of the internet, digital video, audio and photography within an increasing array of delivery systems: video production, digital photography, graphic design and web design.

Learn video techniques and skills in documentary and narrative video classes, video editing, lighting, and audio production. Learn by doing projects, studying visual theory, and engaging the community through your work.

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The major in digital media consists of 50 semester hours.

Courses Credits
Core Courses
VACA 121 Drawing  4
VACA 141 Foundations of Design 4
VACA 151 Photo 1 2
VACA 142 Graphic Design 1 2
VACA 381 Cinema and Visual Theory 2
VACA 382 Contemporary Art 2
VACA 481 Senior Thesis 2
Additional Courses
VACA 252 Photo 2 4
 VACA 262 Video Production  4
 *VACA 263 Audio Production
 VACA 344 Web Design & Social Media  4
VACA 345 Advanced Photoshop  4
 VACA 364 Motion Graphics/After Effects  2
VACA 367 Hybrid Storytelling 

Choose one pair of classes (6 SH)
HUM 200 Foundations in Humanities (2 SH)  
and *VACA 465 Visual Storytelling: Non-Fiction (4 SH)


THR 361 Screenwriting (2 SH)
and  *VACA 466 Visual Storytelling: Fiction (4 SH)


Choose 2 credits  from the following list:
VACA 242 Graphic Design 2 (2 SH)
VACA 243 Graphic Design 3 (2 SH)
WRIT 210  News and Feature  (3 SH)


For more information about the courses see the course description.
For additional information about the curricula see the course catalog..

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