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Visual and Communication Arts

Digital Media Arts Major

The digital media major focuses on the intersection of the internet, digital video, audio and photography within an increasing array of delivery systems.

Eastern Mennonite University offers one of the few digital media majors at a Christian college. Our unique program emphasizes skills in the interrelated digital media including video production, digital photography, graphic design and web design.

Students learn video techniques and skills in documentary and narrative video classes, video editing, lighting, and audio production. Students work on personal projects, study visual theory, and engage the community through class projects in web, video, photography and design. 


The major in digital media consists of 50 semester hours.

VACA Core (12 credits)

ART 111 Foundations of Design (3)
COMM 332 Cinema and Visual Communication Theory (3)
DIGM 213 Graphic Design (3)
PHOTO 112 Digital Photography (3)

Additional digital media major courses

ART 321 Survey of Western Art OR
*ART 323 Survey of Modern and Contemporary Art (3)
ART 492 Senior Studio Practicum (4)
COMM 231 Pop Culture and
Mass Communication (3)
DIGM 251 Video Camera and
Non-Linear Editing (4)
DIGM 261 Web Design (3)
DIGM 352 2-D Animation/After Effects
DIGM 362 Video Web Applications and Social Media (3)
*DIGM 453 Documentary Video Production (3)
PHOTO 352 Color Photography (3)
PHOTO 464 Advanced Photoshop (3)

Choose two courses from the following list: 
COMM 241 News and Feature Writing (3)
*DIGM 281 Audio Production (3)
*DIGM 454 Narrative Video (3)
*DIGM 456 Live Event and Field Production (3)

For more information about the courses see the course description.
For additional information about the curricula see the course catalog..