Communication Major

The communication major offers students a broad group of core courses along with the foundational courses in a variety of electronic media, writing and theory courses.

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Communication MajorVACA Videographer at Night

The major in communication consists of 50 semester hours.

VaCA Core (12 credits)

ART 111 Foundations of Design (3)
COMM 332 Visual Communication Theory (3)
DIGM 213 Graphic Design (3)
PHOTO 112 Digital Photography (3)

Additional communication major courses

COMM 231 Pop Culture and Mass Communication (3)
COMM 241 News and Feature Writing (3)
COMM 342 Campus Communications: Weather Vane (2)
COMM 391 Communication Internship (6)
COMM 433 Film and Culture (3)
COMM 434 Senior Thesis (2)
DIGM 251 Video Camera and Non-Linear Editing (4)
DIGM 261 Web Design (3)

Choose one of the following courses: 
PXD 151 Exploring Conflict and Peace (3)
PXD 375 Globalization and Justice (3)
PXD 385 History and Philosophy of Nonviolence (3)

VaCA Capstone

COMM 421/2 Communication Internship (6)
COMM 482 Senior Thesis (2)

Choose three courses from the following list: 
*DIGM 281 Audio Production (3)
DIGM 352 2-D Animation/After Effects (3)
*DIGM 362 Flash Animation (3)
*DIGM 456 Live Event and Field Production (3)
PHOTO 352 Color Photography (3)
PHOTO 464 Advanced Photoshop (3)
Marketing or public relations course taken while at WCSC

Minor in Digital Communication

A minor in digital communication consists of 18 SH. 
COMM 241 News and Feature Writing (3)
COMM 332 Visual Communication Theory OR
COMM 433 Film and Culture (3)
DIGM 261 Web Design (3)
PHOTO 112 Digital Photography (3)
Choose two courses (6 SH) from the DIGM offerings (three credits may also be earned with COMM 342).

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