Art Education Endorsement

Art majors interested in teaching art can choose to pursue a PreK-12 teaching endorsement. This endorsement allows you to become licensed to teach art in all grades. Art majors begin in-school practicum experiences during the fifth week of the first year on campus and continue practicum experiences systematically throughout their program until student teaching.

Our education program will give you many opportunities for classroom observation and teaching, including a full semester of student teaching. Our teacher education program is NCATE-certified, the highest national accreditation standard. NCATE accreditation means your teaching license for PreK-12 will be accepted in most of the U.S. 


Education Courses

Required courses for teacher licensure program (PreK-12) include the following:

Courses Credits
ED 101 Exploring Teaching 2
ED 201 Computers and Instructional Technology in Education 1
ED 232 Learning, Motivation and Assessment (PreK-6) 3
ED 351 General Curriculum and Methods for Middle and Secondary Teaching 1
ED 381 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum (6-12) 2
ED 401 Examining Foundations of Education 2
ED 411 Reflective Teaching Seminar and Portfolio 1
ED 461 Elementary Student Teaching (PreK-6) 7
ED 462 Middle/High School Student Teaching (6-12) 7

Other licensure requirements:
United States History (3 SH)
PSYC 202 Developmental Psychology (3 SH)

Recommended Education Courses:
ED 301 Needs of Diverse Learners (3 SH)
ED 391 Middle School Curriculum (3 SH)

 Art Education Courses

Courses Credits 
VACA 121 Drawing 4
*VACA 131 Three-Dimensional Design 4
VACA141 Foundations of Design 4
VACA 151 Photo 1 2
VACA 222 Painting 4
VACA 232 Ceramics 4
VACA 283 Art History Western 4
*VACA 323 Printmaking and Watercolor 4
*VACA 397 Elementary School Art Methods 3
*VACA 398 Secondary School Art Methods  3
Choose one of the following courses:

VACA 381 Cinema and Visual Theory (2 SH)
VACA 382 Contemporary Art (2 SH)



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