When You Hear About Assault

When you hear about an assault connected with our campus, it is important to care for yourself, make sure you understand the campus procedures and be a part of prevention efforts.

Download mandated reporter information

Sometimes just the thought of this kind of thing happening on your campus is disturbing and unsettling. While all efforts are made to maintain confidentiality, the whispers and passing of the story are hard to control. When word is out, people have personal and community reactions. Here are some tips:

  1. First realize there is a planned process in place for any reported cases. If you think the case has not been reported than you have the right to speak with the Title IX Coordinator, Rachel Roth Sawatzky, 540-432-4849
  2. If there is any question about community safety from the incident, you will receive a timely warning as part of our process.
  3. If you never saw this information in an email, but heard from a friend, that means there was no cause for alerting people to a threat.
  4. Part of the process is that although you may have heard about it, it is a confidential matter and you will not hear from any EMU employee involved in a case.
  5. Facts and opinions may be sketchy the more people talk, please process your own reactions with someone you trust. Check in with someone who knows the process and be educated about what our campus does in these situations.
  6. Read the Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy. Read the Title IX website.
  7. Be part of prevention efforts. In the midst of the helpless feeling this brings, you CAN make a difference by being involved.
  8. If knowledge of a situation triggers some of your own personal story, please make sure you access support resources on campus: Counseling, Campus Pastor or Clinical Nurse in Health Services.
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