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XOXO: The Many Faces of Love

What happens when you ignore all of the signs? What would happen if you got multiple chances at a first date? What would she say if you blurted out that you love her? What happens when you open your heart, regardless of the consequences? XOXO: The Many Faces of Love was a completely student mounted production that studied love through four one-act plays with musical guests. 

XOXO: The Many Faces of Love ran August 31- September 3, 2011 on Thomas Plaza

Produced by Julia J. King
Scene Design by Jamie Lynn Hiner
Lighting Design by Andrew Kniss
Sound Design by Jonathan Fretz
Stage Managed by Susan Alexander
Hosted by Travis Duerksen and Lauren Zehr
Musical Accompaniment by Grace Engle

Sure Thing by David Ives
Directed by Michael Bodner
Bill – Joel Rittenhouse
Betty – Lani Prunés

“Taylor the Latte Boy” – Lauren Zehr
“Fisherman’s Blues” – Shannon Dove and Brent Hall

No Soliciting by Shel Silverstein
Directed by Julia J. King
Ed – Gabriel Brunk
Nellie – Elizabeth Gannaway

“Homesick” – Justin Rittenhouse with Joel DeWald
“Mario Kart Love Song” – Joel Rittenhouse and the Theater Kids

The Red Coat by John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Jamie Lynn Hiner
John – Joel Rittenhouse
Mary – Lani Prunés

“Make You Feel My Love” – Kiersten Rossetto

The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year by John Guare
Directed by Julia J. King
He – Gabriel Brunk
She – Elizabeth Gannaway

“Ring of Fire” – Jerry Holsopple