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Stop Kiss by Diana Son

“A poignant and funny play about the ways, both sudden and slow, that lives can change irrevocably,” says Variety. After Callie meets Sara, the two unexpectedly fall in love. Their first kiss provokes a violent attack that transforms their lives in a way they could never anticipate.

Stop Kiss ran December 2-4 & 9-11 at 7:30 p.m. in the Studio Theater

Director: M. Hillary
Stage Manager: Amanda Chandler
Assistant Stage Manager: Christian Parks and Morgan Porter
Lighting Design: Jon Nofziger
Sound Design: Kelsey Kendrick and Mike Sheeler
Set Design and Cast Photographs: Mark Fenton


Callie – Leah E. Ott
Sara – Kayla Sasser
Detective Cole – Michael Swartzendruber
Mrs. Winsley – CheRae Chaney
George – Gabriel Brunk
Peter – Michael Bodner
Nurse – Brooke Snyder