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Silenced Auction by Elizabeth Gannaway

Liz says, “The central story to be shared…is one that I have written from information gained through my travels and research of the horrors of human trafficking and the sex trade, specifically in India. The main character, Natya, is a thirteen-year-old Indian girl who has been tricked into joining and forced into staying in the sex trade. Natya’s story, though technically fictional, exemplifies very similar stories of the twenty-seven million people trapped in slavery today.”

Silenced Auction ran November 30, December 1, 7, and 8, 2012 in Lee E. Eshleman Studio Theater

  • Directed by Elizabeth Gannaway
  • Choreography by Ensemble
  • Scene Design by Dylan A. Bomgardner
  • Costume Design by Elizabeth Gannaway
  • Lighting Design by Dylan A. Bomgardner
  • Sound Design by Elizabeth Gannaway
  • Stage Managed by Lani Prunes


  • Jyoti – Elizabeth Gannaway
  • Natya – Holly Solomon
  • Isaiah – Michael Bodner
  • Raju – Elisha J. Keener
  • Caroline – Laura Glick
  • Ian – Gabriel Brunk
  • Yana – Hannah Miller
  • Ong – Thomas Millary