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Minor in Theater

The Theater minor allows students from all majors to gain experience in many areas of theater. Engaging in these courses provides opportunities for students to enhance their creative expression as they foster community and contribute to the intellectual life of EMU through public performance. The minor consists of 18 SH.

Core Course (4 SH)

  • THR 100 Acting for the Stage and Screen (2 SH)
  • THR 200 Survey of World Theater History (2 SH)

Practica (6 SH): Choose from two or more of the following areas of practical learning through participation in theater productions:

  • THR 281 Acting (1-3 SH)
  • THR 350 Technical Theater (1-3 SH)
  • THR 351 Stage Management (1-3 SH)
  • THR 352 Assistant Directing (1-3 SH)
  • THR 353 Dramaturgy (1-3 SH)

Electives (8 SH): Choose from the following courses:

  • THR 210 Technical Theater
  • THR 230 Theater Topics
  • THR 300 Directing for the Theater
  • THR 360 Playwriting
  • *THR 361 Screenwriting

For additional information about the courses and curricula see the course catalog.

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