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Prayer Partner

Mentoring makes a difference

EMU takes the role of mentor seriously, and the Prayer Partner program is a way to encourage student leaders in their faith and skills.

The Prayer Partner program is a wonderful opportunity to mentor student leaders on campus (whether in residence halls or in campus ministries) and connect with them outside of a classroom or office.

PPs can make a tremendous difference in the lives of students! Each Community Advisor (CA) and Ministry Assistant (MA) pair is a team on a floor of a residence hall for the support and encouragement of students on campus.

Prayer Partner responsibilities include:

  1. Regular prayer for your student team (CA/MA pair)
  2. Participation in at least one program per semester in the residence hall.
  3. Attendance at the following events:
    1. Campus center greeting hall initial meeting
    2. Thanksgiving celebration
    3. Potluck & fellowship time
  4. Be creative in blessing the CA/MA pair and their floor in other ways you choose.

By all means, PPs are not limited to the above responsibilities, and can be as creative and inviting as possible! Embrace this opportunity for friendship and mentoring.

For more information, please contact Residence Hall staff at (540) 432-4135 or

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