Spring New Student Orientation Checklist 

Complete this checklist to be ready for orientation and your first week of classes:

  1. Login to my.emu.edu – ASAP
  • myEMU is the portal to important items such as viewing your online bill, submitting health forms, viewing your course schedule, acquiring a parking permit, etc. When you receive your Royals login and password, follow the directions to change your password to something unique, safe, and memorable.
  • Accessing your class schedule:
    • Login to myEMU with your Royal username and password
    • Find the “Academics” tab at the top of the screen
    • On the left hand menu, find “Student Tools”
    • View your class schedule
    • Changes may be made Monday when meeting with advisors in the final registration process
  1. Login to Your EMU Email Account – ASAP
  • Typical EMU email format:
    first name.last name@emu.edu
  • You should have received your EMU email user name and password (login information) from your admissions counselor or the Information Systems office. If you do not have this information, please call the helpdesk at (540) 432-HELP (4357).
  • Each student is issued an EMU email account. This is the primary form of communication between the university and you. Your tuition bills, notification of campus emergencies, events, announcements, and class information from professors/advisor will all be funneled through this account. It is important to stay current with this communication tool.
  1. View EMU Online Bill – ASAP/no later than Tuesday before first day of school (for Wednesday academic start)
  • EMU does not provide a physical hard copy of your tuition bill. Log on to myEMU and view your tuition bill under the “Accounts” tab
  • The Student Accounts office (Business Office, located in Campus Center) requires that all students have paid their tuition in full or set up a payment plan. Failure to do so results in a “hold” on your account, which results delays in course registration and access to transcripts, as well as limits to on campus internet access among other restrictions.
  1. Turn in Health Information – ASAP/no later than Tuesday before first day of school (for Wednesday start)
  • https://emu.edu/studentlife/health/
  • The Health Center requires that all students provide certain important documents, including immunization/health records prior to the start of classes. Check in with them during the orientation Check-in line on Friday or stop in their office to make sure they have all of the forms they need from you.
  1. Get EMU ID – ASAP/no later than Tuesday before first day of school (for Wednesday start)
  • https://emu.edu/studentlife/health/
  • Every student is required to have an EMU ID card. Stop by the Help Desk, lower floor of the library, to have your picture taken and your ID made. By swiping your ID card you are able to unlock residence halls, charge your meal plan at the dining hall, and record your attendance at events throughout the year, beginning with Orientation.
  1. Orientation Check-in Process is Complete – Tuesday before first day of school (for Wednesday start)

9am– 12:45pm    Check in- Hall of Nations, University Commons (second floor)
9am– 12:45pm    Move in- Residence Halls
9am– 12:45pm    Get EMU ID made- Information Services (location: library lower level)
9am– 12:45pm    Bookstore open, University Commons (second floor)
1 – 6:30 pm           Spring New Student Orientation (University Commons, MainStage Theater)- Attendance rewquired for all new students. Readmitted students should speak with their admissions counselor to determine which reuqired events they should attend. 

  1. Financial Assistance Process is Complete – Tuesday before first day of school (for Wednesday start)
  • The Financial Assistance office requires that all students provide signatures and certain important documents prior to the start of classes. Check in with their representatives during the orientation Check-in line on Friday (and stop in their office if necessary). 
  1. Decide whether to authorize parent/guardian access to educational record – Tuesday before first day of school (for Wednesday start)
  • Under the federal regulation known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), EMU may release grades, course schedules, and other information from a student’s education records to a parent or guardian only if the student has provided a written authorization for EMU to do so. During the Orientation Check-in process students will be given an opportunity to indicate whether they authorize EMU to release information from their education records to parents or guardians. Information in this regard is sent to families prior to the start of the school year for advance consideration.
  1. Login to Moodle – ASAP/no later than Tuesday before first day of school (for Wednesday start)
  • https://moodle.emu.edu/
  • Moodle is EMU’s online learning platform, accessible with your Royal username and password. Log on to view your classes, review your syllabi, and to submit assignments to professors.
  1. Commuters: Complete Off Campus Housing Appeal Form – ASAP/no later than Tuesday before first day of school (for Wednesday start)
  • Please be aware that all students planning to live at home with their parents are required to submit a Request for Off-Campus Housing Approval. If you have any questions or concerns, please email housing@emu.eduor call student life at (540) 432-4135.
  • Complete this important step to avoid your account being assessed a semester’s cost for room and board.
  1. Get Parking Permit – ASAP/no later than Tuesday before first day of school (for Wednesday start)
  • Students who park a vehicle on campus must register their vehicle and pay an annual $60 parking fee; this includes students residing in EMU-owned housing or apartments, as well as those who commute from off-campus. There are designated parking lots for resident students and visitors to use.
  • Vehicle registration is completed online through emu. Once logged in, the registration process can be found under the “Accounts” tab for students. After completing the registration, all permits will be delivered through campus mail.
  1. Meet With Your Advisor – Tuesday before first day of school during orientation (for Wednesday start)
  • First year students and transfers must meet with their advisor on Monday during the final registration process (Campus Center) to verify their schedule and/or discuss any possible changes.
  • Check the Master Schedule for your specific time to complete the process.
  1. Turn in Work-study Documents (workstudy eligible students only) – Wednesday, first day of classes
  • Prior to starting a workstudy position student employees must complete the following steps:
  • Once you have accepted a position, students must log into myEMU, navigate to the “Financial Aid” tab, and complete the Student Employment Form.
  • Bring either driver’s license AND social security card OR passport to Financial Aid Office for review (original documents only)
  • Contact the Financial Assistance Office with questions.
  • Phone: 800-330-9683 or 540-432-4137
    E-mail: finaid@emu.edu
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