Recent Cords of Distinction Recipients

The Cords of Distinction award honors the efforts of graduating students who have made outstanding contributions to the university, community or society. Up to 10 graduating students are recognized annually with the Cords of Distinction.

Annual nomination period occurs in early spring of each academic year.

2015 Cords of Distinction recipients

  • Carissa Harnish, major in biology and Spanish; Manheim, Pennsylvania
  • Emma King, major in digital media and communication and minor in journalism and photography; West Unity, Ohio
  • Rachel King, major in biology; West Unity, Ohio
  • Jacob Landis, major in congregational and youth ministry and biblical studies and minor in biology; Sterling, Illinois
  • Rebecca Longenecker, major in English and minor in mathematics; Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Timothy (Jordan) Luther, major in biblical studies; Martinsville, Virginia
  • Rebecca Martin, major in history and minor in economics and Spanish; Akron, Pennsylvania
  • Gee Paegar, Jr., major in history and environmental sustainability and minor in political studies and international development; Monrovia, Liberia
  • Erin Rheinheimer, major in art (K-12 education licensure) and minor in environmental sustainability; Alexandria, Virginia
  • Emily Shenk, major in liberal arts (elementary education licensure); Goshen, Indiana

2014 Cords of Distinction recipients

From left: Brandon Waggy, Laura Glick, Aaron Erb, Litza Laboriel, Krista Nyce, Nicole Groff, Christine Baer, Rose Jantzi, Ardi Hermawan, Melody Tobin.

  • Christine Baer, major in peacebuilding and development & environmental sustainability; Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
  • Aaron Erb, major in conflict transformation; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Laura Glick, major in social work, and minors in psychology; Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Nicole Groff, major in biology; Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Ardi Hermawan, major in nursing and minors in biology; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Rose Jantzi, major in liberal arts (elementary education licensure) and minors in Spanish; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Litza Laboriel, major in social work and minors in pre-law; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Krista Nyce, major in psychology and minors in peacebuilding; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Melody Tobin, major in liberal arts (elementary education licensure); Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Brandon Waggy, major in peacebuilding and development and biblical studies; South Bend, Indiana

2013 Cords of Distinction recipients

2013 EMU Cords of Distinction recipients
From left, back row: Nels Akerson, Michael Allen, James Souder, Kelley Schroder and Hannah Schrock. From left, front row: Jossimar Diaz-Castro, Ryan Eshleman, Darian Harnish, Josh Kanagy and Julia Schmidt.

  • Nels Akerson, major in biology and liberal arts, and minors in psychology and Spanish; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Michael Allen, major in liberal arts and minors in Spanish and music; Fork Union, Virginia
  • Jossimar Diaz Castro, major in philosophy & theology; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Ryan Eshleman, major in philosophy & theology and biology and minor in English; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Darian Harnish, major in accounting and economics; Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Joshua Kanagy, major in psychology and minor in peacebuilding & development; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Julia Schmidt, major in history and minors in pre-law, political studies, peacebuilding, philosophy, bible & religion; Pandora, Ohio
  • Hannah Schrock, major in biology; Iowa City, Iowa
  • Kelley Schroder, major in music; Leesburg, Virginia
  • James Souder, major in environmental sustainability and minors in international development, biology, economics, and photography; Harrisonburg, Virginia

2012 Cords of Distinction recipients

2012 EMU Cords of Distinction recipients
Left to right: Benjamin Bailey, Brendon Derstine, Brandon Habron, Katie Jantzen, Clothilda Johnson, Katherine Landis, Rebekah Maldonado-Nofziger, Michelle Ramirez and Andrew Richter. Not pictured: Grace Engle.

  • Benjamin Bailey, major in peacebuilding and development and biblical studies; Simsbury, Connecticut
  • Brendon Derstine, major in history and social science, secondary education, and minors in bible and religion, political studies; Harleysville, Pennsylvania
  • Grace Engle, major in social work; Wauseon, Ohio
  • Brandon Habron, major in liberal arts and minor in theater and sociology; Fredricksburg, Virginia
  • Katie Jantzen, major in environmental sustainability and minors in Spanish, socio-economic development, biology; Plymouth, Nebr.
  • Clothilda Dado Johnson, major in nursing and minor in psychology; Banjul, The Gambia
  • Katherine Landis, major in photography, digital media and minor in journalism; Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Rebekah Maldonado-Nofziger, major in nursing; Pettisville, Ohio
  • Michelle Ramirez, major in social work and minor in Spanish; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Andrew Richter, major in business administration; Perkasie, Pennsylvania

2011 Cords of Distinction recipients

2011 EMU Cords of Distinction recipients
Seated, left to right: Benjamin Bergey, Braydon P. Hoover, Michael Spory, William Morris. Standing, left to right: Samfee K. Doe, Janelle Freed, Peyton Erb, Jessica Sarriot, Brianna Oelschlager and Courtney L. Walker.

  • Benjamin Bergey, major in music; Perkasie, Pennsylvania
  • Braydon Hoover, major in biology and minor in theater; Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
  • Brianna Oelschlager, major in biochemistry and minor in socio-economic development; Sellersville, Pennsylvania
  • Courtney Walker, major in english; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Janelle Freed, major in justice, peace and conflict studies, philosophy and theology; Skippack, Pennsylvania
  • Jessica Sarriot, major in peacebuilding and development and minor in pre-law, political studies; Paris, France
  • Michael Spory, major in history and social science, secondary education, minors in Spanish and political science; Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  • Peyton Erb, major in liberal arts, elementary education, minor in ESL; Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Samfee Doe, major in biology; Monrovia, Liberia
  • William Morris, major in business administration and minor in economics; Charlottesville, Virginia

Previous recipients

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