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Be Informed… series provided by EMU Coalition on Sexual Violence Prevention

Be Informed
Know Your IX: Stalking

What happens when a student shares any type of sexual violence with the EMU Counseling Center?

1. The counselor provides immediate support, validation and assurance that they will help you with whatever you choose to do and whatever you need. Conversation takes place at the pace of the student and can include talking about the incident, reactions to what has happened, trauma assessment, safety issues, etc.

2. Counselors are not mandated reporters, so you may share with assurance of confidentiality. However, counselors will also make sure you know all your options and rights. Information and resources are given on:
a. Health care needs, getting an exam, etc.
b. Community crisis, local sexual assault services
c. Reporting options on and off campus
d. Safety issues procedures (do not contact order on campus, no contact off campus options)
e. An offer to join client in meeting with title ix coordinator per the student’s wishes
f. An offer to advocate for any needs such as classroom issues, time off, deadlines per the student’s wishes
3. Priority and respect is given to the student’s decision and choices. 
4. Follow up counseling for as long as needed during the school year is provided
5. Referrals to community agencies are made per the student’s wishes.