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We don’t want to be silent friends anymore; we want to talk about power dynamics and victim blaming and blurred lines and consent and sexuality and legislation and the bystander effect and campus and community resources, and to engage in a dialogue sustained and embraced by our campus community.”


Coalition on Sexual Violence Prevention

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“How, where and who can we talk with about sexuality in an open way and not fear judgment?”

  • How can we LISTEN to each other and SPEAK out loud creating a safer environment that addresses sexual violence?

EMU Coalition on Sexual Violence Prevention

For our students, for our community and for our well-being…

This coalition is a group of students, faculty and staff who believe in supporting survivors, preventing assault, empowering bystanders, advocating for change and knowing ourselves and our rights. The goal of our coalition is to establish integrated education, awareness and prevention efforts that address sexual violence, encourage sexual well-being and promote healthy relationships.

How the coalition began

In 2014, Aliese Gingerich, a senior at EMU, began asking EMU to listen. She began by listening herself to many students and what they felt when asked about sexual violence on and off our campus and what EMU needed to do for them. A proposal was submitted to the Student Government Association and president’s cabinet requesting the development of a group designed to focus on this subject and explore student needs. President’s cabinet approved the formulation of the coalition as a subgroup of the Crisis Management Preparedness Team in fall of 2014.

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EMU maintains annual safety statistics and updates safety information each fall semester. The crisis management team also maintains a dedicated safety incident report form.

Annual safety report Campus safety incident report