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Position TitlePastoral Assistant (PA)
Rationale: Campus Ministries seeks to fill PA positions in order to:
1. involve student leaders in both long term and week to week planning, prayer, and implementation of spiritual life activities.
2. increase direct student involvement in planning and leading EMU chapel services.
3. maintain closer links with student organizations such as Celebration, YPCA, Peace Fellowship, etc.
4. make available reliable student assistance for special events on weekends (e.g., Spiritual Life Weekend activities which involve many hours of planning).
5. offer support, encouragement, and guidance to the volunteer Ministry Assistant small group leaders who provide spiritual life resources on each residence hall.
Responsibilities of Pastoral Assistants (8-10 hours a week or 40 hours per month)
4 Hours/month. Meet with Campus Pastors for one hour weekly (or two hours bi-weekly) for prayer and planning.
1 Hour/month. Meet with a Campus Pastor once each month for pastoral care, counsel, discussing campus issues, and prayer.
10 Hours/month. Plan and lead at least one chapel per month and assist with at least one chapel per month.
4 Hours/month. Assist with planning and leading worship for evening or weekend special events such as Spiritual Life Weekends, or special services.
8 Hours/month. Lead a bi-weekly Ministry Support Group with approximately 10 Ministry Assistants. (PAs are required to prepare and lead a biblical reflection or study on various aspects of leadership and ministry. Time for dealing with personal and group problems and prayer is also important.)
6 Hours/month. Connect 1-1 with each of the Ministry Assistants assigned to your group providing accountability, support and counsel.
2 Hours/month. Serve as a member and Campus Ministries representative of Celebration, YPCA, or SGA (to be determined with the team at the beginning of each semester).
5 Hours/month. Assist with planning and leadership of two retreats for training and community building of Ministry Assistant team. (Retreats will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester.)
1. Have served as a Ministry Assistant for one year or have taken CHST 132 or its equivalent.
2. Have demonstrated a mature Christian lifestyle.
3. Have shown an interest in church leadership and ministry.
DepartmentCampus Ministries
SupervisorLana Miller
Phone Number540-432-4237
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