STEM Stipend Information

Math Course

(2 SH of Math credit)
Students must receive a C or better in the Math course. Attendance and participation in class as well as at mandatory study halls is also expected. Students receive 2 SH of mathematics credit from Blue Ridge Community College which can be transferred to their EMU transcript.

Science Sessions

(2 SH of Science credit)

Science Lab Notebook

Students are required to maintain a Science Lab Notebook that records their SBP science sessions. Students must receive 70% for successful completion of notebook entries due at the end of each science session. Students will be expected to prepare their lab notebook for the science experiment they will perform the next day. Refer to the schedule for the week, read the experimental description, and then refer to the sections called “Do’s and Don’t’s” and “How to Begin each Experiment in your Lab Notebook” for detail. Students will be expected to prepare their lab notebook for the next day before they arrive. A copy of the grading rubric is in the Bridges Student Binder.

Mini-Research Project

Students will select one of the EMU summer bridge science program topics as the basis for a “mini-research” project that involves additional library research. Students will be assigned to an EMU faculty person who will mentor them through the preparation and development of a research report that expands upon one aspect of their science summer program. During the fall semester, students will meet with their mentors once a week to complete their individual projects, due in October.