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Welcome! A Biblical and Practical Guide to Receiving New Members

by Ervin R. Stutzman


Is your church young and growing but wanting to maintain momentum? Established, successful, but stuck on a plateau? Struggling, dwindling, uncertain?

Whether your congregation is moving confidently toward a bright future or flinching from bleak prospects, this book can be a key resource. Appropriate methods will vary. But Welcome! explains how any congregation can tap that great asset: newcomers.

Drawing on lively anecdotes, his own experience, sociological analysis, and church-growth research, Stutzman shows how churches close their doors to newcomers. Then he explains how they can throw their doors open, welcoming the new energy and vision newcomers bring.

"I am a former outsider, found and called by God in a welcoming church. I know that how we receive new members is crucial. This heartening, practical book will help any church become more inviting." —Arthur Paul Boers, pastor of Windsor (Ontario) Mennonite Fellowship.

Foreword, Preface, Introduction Chapter 1: Truthful Advertising Chapter 2: Good Samaritans
Chapter 3: Reaching Out Chapter 4: Making Disciples Chapter 5: Sharing Space
Chapter 6: Easy Access Chapter 7: Saints Alive! Chapter 8: Welcome Mat
Chapter 9: Open Arms Chapter 10: Fitting In Chapter 11: People Patterns
Chapter 12: Tradition, Tradition Chapter 13: Signing Up Bibliography

The text of Welcome! is used with permission by the copyright owner, Ervin Stutzman. Public downloading and usage of this book is permitted.

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