Distance Learning Technical Requirements

Having a good quality computer that is reliable and fast will make it a lot easier to work well during the class. Enrollees should have significant access to a computer that meets the following criteria:


Suggested specifications:

  • Any computer (Windows or Mac) of relatively recent make (3 years or newer) with audio capabilities
  • High-speed Internet service – Cable or DSL for home service, or an office/campus connection
  • A place to store working documents (hard drive, flash drive, etc.)
  • Webcam (for Zoom use)
  • Headphones/earbuds (for Zoom use)


The enrollee must have licensed access to all of the following types of software:

  • Word processor (like MS Word or Word Perfect)
  • Web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari)
  • E-mail client (like MS Outlook or Gmail)— students will be given an EMU email address using Google. You may forward this email address to another, but the EMU address will be the official way to communicate once the course has begun.
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