Distance Learning Format and Registration

Class format

These courses use a course management system called Moodle, which can be accessed through EMU’s webpage. Moodle is a user-friendly program that allows students to access course material, ask questions and have discussion on a discussion board, and email the professor or other students. Some courses may also incorporate the WebEx web conferencing platform for real time, virtual sessions.

Each course is broken down into 14 weekly units, which must be completed during the designated week. This encourages each student to participate by providing insights and information while interacting with the group.

Courses assume that each student will put in a minimum of eight hours of study time each week. This includes reading time, assignment time, interaction and discussion time, and time for reflection and evaluation.


To register for distance learning courses, a part-time application must be submitted. The part-time application qualifies you take up to four courses. As you consider doing additional work, another application process is required.

If you have already submitted an application and been accepted as a student, call Beth at (540) 432-4274 to register. If you prefer, you can also contact Beth at bergmane@emu.edu.

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