Christian Movement in the Mediterranean

  • Leader: Linford Stutzman
  • Dates: May 8-21, 2014
  • Credits: 2 or 3, the two week seminar for 2 SH or the two week seminar plus an additional 1 SH hour offered on line.
  • Cost:* 2 SH of seminary credit-$1,945, 3 SH of seminary credit- $2,415. 2 SH audit- $1,945

See photos and read blogs from the 2011 trip

The Christian Movement exploded throughout the Roman Empire, particularly in the major port cities of the Mediterranean during the first to third centuries. By the end of the third century, in spite of discrimination and outright persecution, approximately ten percent of the inhabitants of the Empire were Christian, threatening the very fabric of Roman culture and political institutions.

Photo of GuletsYou are invited to examine this world changing era in the physical context of Acts, traveling as the co-workers of Paul in the course “The Christian Movement in the Mediterranean.” We will begin in Antalya, and end in Athens, Greece. About one week of the time will be spent on SailingActs and/or a beautiful Turkish gulet such as pictured on the right.

Aboard this floating classroom, we will visit the isolated, beautiful, biblical seaports such as Perge, Antalya, Andriaki, Patara, Knidos, and Melitus, as well as the Greek island of Samos. The more famous ports of Ephesus, Athens, and Corinth are also included.

Up to 12 participants will experience the Roman Empire from the sea, explore numerous ancient seaports of the Acts stories, and engage in intensive reading and discussion of the culture, politics, religion, and economics of the first century world. In this way you will discover features of the creative witness and social factors that contributed to the rapid growth of the early church around the Mediterranean that are so relevant to our own twenty-first century context.

SeminaryThe study program includes rigorous site visits, on-site and on-board lectures and learning exercises, daily reading assignments and discussion. Participants may take this seminar for either 2 or 3 SH of credit. Seminary students will take an exam during the course, and develop a thesis on some feature of the Christian Movement and give a short presentation to the class during the final days of the course. For 3 SH of credit, students will write a research paper following the seminar. Participants wishing to audit this course are most welcome.


Tuition and all expenses for the two weeks in the Mediterranean except international travel, are: 
2 SH of seminary credit-$1,945, 
3 SH of seminary credit-$2,415, 
2 SH audit- $1,945.

Does not include international travel, passports, and visas for Turkey. Final costs are subject to adjustment depending on exchange rates or tax increases.

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