Summer Institute 2019

June 17-28, 2019

Cost: see the business office page for current costs and fees
Institute fee (all participants)- $60

Registration: Current students can register through the registrars office at the seminary. New students or occasional students should use this online registration form

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Morning classes

Choose one, based on your year in the Summer Institute

Year 1: Spiritual Guidance in Life & Practice (FS543)
1 Credit Hour
Instructor: Kevin Clark

Grounded in the understanding that God in Jesus Christ is inviting us to be reconciled- to God, to ourselves, to each other, and to God’s creation- this course is designed to offer learning in three areas: a biblical foundation and historical overview of spiritual formation; an understanding of spiritual discernment; and learning the practice of spiritual guidance. View syllabus

Years 2 & 3: Spiritual Directors Peer Group  (FS663)
(pre-requisite Home-based Practicum)
1 Credit Hour
Instructor: Sandy Wenger 

This class offers guidance for depth listening, reflection, spiritual discernment, and discovery in our journey as emerging spiritual directors. We will be engaging in spiritual direction conversations, and in-depth listening to verbatim. Course pre-requisite: Home-based Practicum

Afternoon Classes

Choose one based on your interest 

Spiritual Direction II: Seasons of Impasse (FS 622)
2 Credit Hours
Instructor: Kevin Clark

In this course we will pay attention to the formational journey and stages of spiritual development, with an intentional focus on the experience of wilderness, with an awareness of the “dark night” or “seasons of impasse”.  The questions we will explore are: How do we companion others as they encounter and embrace the profound and transformative work of God in impasse or wilderness experiences? What are the implications for the ministry of spiritual guidance during such periods of life —for the individual and the congregation? Lectures, guided readings, reflections on life experiences, and issues arising out of the practice of spiritual guidance provide the setting for mutual learning. 

Congregational Worship  (SMCL 642)                                                                                                                  
2 or 3 Credit Hours
Instructor: Amy Fetterman

This course explores the biblical, historical, and theological issues underlying sacramental life in the church. A comparative study of ecumenical experience provides the student with critical tools to examine specific liturgical practices within his/her own faith tradition. Students will gain an appreciation of the underlying issues that help shape Christian worship in its various forms, and practical guidance in leading that shaping. This course will assist in growing attention to the awareness of God in worship as a spiritual practice.  

NOTE: This course meets the worship course requirement for ordination in elder or deacon track for the United Methodist Church. 

Opening Orientation Breakfast: Monday of the first week 8:30 - 10:00 . (required for all participants)
         Morning classes begin at 10:15 on the first day
Full Day Contemplative Retreat – Second Monday (required for all participants)

Daily schedule:
Morning worship: 8:00am
Morning classes: 8:45am-12:00pm
Lunch and break: 12:00am-1:15pm
Afternoon classes: 1:15-4:15pm
Afternoon worship: 4:15-4:45 (encouraged for all participants, required for all Worship students)

Other Options

Home-based Practicum

Student engage in 50 hours of practice in leading spiritual direction or formation in their home area between August and May. Students will receive individual guidance from faculty based on their project. Students complete one home-based practicum each year of the institute, for a total of three, in order to obtain a certificate of course completion.

Oasis for pastors and spiritual directors
Eastern Mennonite Seminary offers a special program for pastors on summer sabbatical and spiritual directors who want continuing education. The Oasis program, connected with the Summer Institute for Spiritual Formation provides opportunities for intentional guided reflection and prayer time or the option of sitting in on classes with no record. It also provides continued training options for spiritual directors. In place of coursework, Oasis offers intentional Sabbath and space. Cost is equivalent to one semester hour of study with no seminary credit available. Learn more about Oasis

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