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Karyn NancarvisKaryn Nancarvis

Current Church (or home church): Akron Mennonite Church
Denomination: Mennonite
Ministry Interests: Pastoral care, spiritual direction, youth and young adult ministries.
Geographic Preferences: Pennsylvania for the moment


  • Associates Degree in Business, Golden Beacom College, Wilmington DE
  • Master of Divinity Degree, EMS


History in Ministry

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Youth Advisor, Children's Ministry Team Leader

Special Ministry Interests

Board member of the Shalom Project, Lancaster Pa
ACC Youth Ministries Board Chair

Call to Ministry

The path along my faith journey has directed me into a deep love for God. I’ve learned to walk in constant prayer guided by an open heart to accept and act on the movement of the Holy Spirit. Looking to Jesus as my example, my call is to be a light in the darkness. My faith community has been the foundation from which I have spiritually grown and matured. I live asking more questions than providing answers. This state of curiosity is a gift of discovery as I search for God in all things. The learning process is never ending in overcoming obstacles and wrestling with challenges. I see these as growing edges to bring me closer to Him so that I may shine my light more brightly for the glory of God.

Ideal Ministry Situation

One in which I am using my gifts to share my love for God as an example of Christ.

Seminary Experience

I have grown exponentially both spiritually and academically through my seminary journey at Eastern Mennonite seminary. I enjoyed the open discussion learning and one-on-one connections with both peers and professors. I appreciated the challenges in the New Testament and Old Testament academic writing process. The inner work done through the clinical pastoral education (CPE) class was extremely valuable as well as the relational and pastoral wisdom I gleaned learning alongside of others and discovering more about who I am in ministry.

What courses did you enjoy the most at EMS?

One of the courses I enjoyed the most was my cross-cultural to England. I learned how to be a faithful follower of Christ outside the context of my home. I gained a deeper understanding of my relationship with Christ and language to define more specifically my calling and walk with God.

What thoughts would you like to share with those considering entering seminary?

I believe each of us has a unique call to be lived out specifically according to our unique gifts given to us by God. Lean on your faith community for support, trust in God to guide you and be open to the Holy Spirit to empower you on your seminary journey. Your faith my be ever evolving but Gods love for you will endure and see you through.

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