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John KenneyJohn David Kenney

Current Church (or home church): Waynesboro Mennonite Church
Denomination: Mennonite
Ministry Interests: Lead Pastor


  • BS in Chemistry and a minor in Religious Studies from the College of William and Mary.


History in Ministry

Several different leadership roles at Waynesboro Mennonite Church including leading Sunday school classes, serving on church council, being an Everence representative, and running the soundboard.

Special Ministry Interests

I have a strong desire to try to build and maintain bridges between people and groups. I also have a heart for campus ministry and for congregations.

Call to Ministry

The first person to see my call to ministry was an elder at Waynesboro Mennonite when I was very young. After several special experiences including preaching in Haiti, trying to help a new believer understand her new faith, and experiencing God's love and kindness here I am. I benefited from the support of my wife, my family, and my church as I have gone from coming up with excuses to avoid seminary to now having my MDiv.

Ideal Ministry Situation

I have never wanted a big church and doubt I ever will. I have grown up in a smaller church where everyone feels like family. I hope to be able to grow and/or maintain that same sort of feeling in any church I'm blessed to be called to serve.

Seminary Experience

Seminary has been an amazing rollercoaster that I would suggest for any Christian even if it is only for one class. I have learned a ton about myself and how to deepen my faith. I also have greatly appreciated the wide array of people, both students, and professors, who have encouraged and challenged me along the way. I truly feel EMS was where I was supposed to be and am thankful God helped me stop coming up with excuses to avoid coming.

What courses did you enjoy the most at EMS?

I truly want to say every course for this question but I will try to narrow it down. I have to mention David Evan's "Race, Nation, and Religion" course as it was one of the first two courses I took and it solidified for me that I needed to be in seminary. I also greatly enjoyed my language courses despite struggling and not being a language person. Finally, I greatly enjoyed my courses around Peace and Justice issues as they helped me learn how to talk about my understanding of these issues as a Mennonite.

What thoughts would you like to share with those considering entering seminary?

If you are considering seminary I challenge you to try at least one course. Find a course that sounds interesting to you and try it out. If possible do in person but if not online may still get you hooked, it did for me. I would be willing to guess that after you take that first course you'll realize just how much God can teach you through a seminary experience.

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