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David GaylorDavid Gaylor

Current Church (or home church): Ross Harbour United Methodist Church
Denomination: United Methodist
Ministry Interests: Pulpit Ministry


  • B.A. Emory & Henry College, 1987, Double major in Accounting and Business Management
  • Masters of Divinity, Eastern Mennonite Seminary, 2020


History in Ministry

I have been a part-time licensed local pastor in the United Methodist Church for the last two years while attending EMS.

Special Ministry Interests

My previous vocation was teaching and coaching which are areas that I am now passionate about in the church, particularly mentoring.

Call to Ministry

I have known that God had a call on my life for a long time but always fought thoughts of pastoral ministry. But as I started to do more and more within church the affirmations of my call to ministry through others became very loud in my ears. As I paid attention to my gifts and the affirmations of others it was easy to discern that my call was to pastoral ministry and it has become something I have a real passion for.

Seminary Experience

I think the best thing that I did in approaching my education at EMS was entering with an open mind. Seminary definitely stretched and challenged me. By entering with an open mind and realizing that I didn't know everything but had much to learn made me teachable. I had great professors here, and I have built many life long relationships. Seminary for me was a very formative and equipping time.

What courses did you enjoy the most at EMS?

I think the classes that I enjoyed the most made me the most uncomfortable. They were the classes that got me out of my comfort zone and really stretched me. Immediately, I think of my CPE experience, Missio Dei, Healing Racial Injustice, and all of my Formation classes. I also really enjoyed and got a lot out of all of my spiritual guidance classes. The biggest surprise might have been Hebrew, which I avoided but really learned to embrace and enjoy.

What thoughts would you like to share with those considering entering seminary?

The best analogy that I heard during orientation at EMS was that seminary was like drinking water...out of a fire hose! This was very true for me. I actually felt like I was at an all you can eat buffet and was being constantly pushed through the line. Always eating, never digesting. Time for real reflection was hard. My advice to those entering EMS is to really pay attention to self care. I learned that I could only give 100% of what I had on any given day. Some days I was feeling great, but some days I only had 75% to give so my goal was always to give all that I had on that day and being OK with the results. I truly felt like everyone here was helping me learn and grow.

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