Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Restorative Justice Dual Degree

Academic Requirements

  • Seminary MDiv degree requires 81 SH, 50 SH core requirements and 31 SH of Ministry Track electives.
  • MACT has 45 SH, 27 SH are core requirements (based on a 6 SH practicum) and 18 SH for electives.

For a Dual Degree MDiv/MACT (total of 103 SH): In light of the Association of Theological Studies policy on “shared credit in degree programs,” we are allowing up to 11 SH to be reduced from the current MDiv requirements and the MA in Conflict Transformation is allowing up to 12 SH to be reduced from the MACT for a dual degree. This is a reduction of 23 SH from the current combined degrees. A student would be free to take additional electives in either program. Each program currently specifies the core required courses for their respective degree programs (noted in the current catalogs).

MDiv: a total of 70 SH required (53 SH of the MDiv core curriculum and 17 of Ministry Track electives).

For the MDiv several integrative courses are included as designated electives.

6 SH of these church specific electives

  • Churches and Social Transformation
  • Managing Congregational Conflict

To fulfill 3 SH of MDiv biblical studies requirements, one of these two courses:

  • Biblical Foundations for Peacemaking
  • Sermon on the Mount: Peace and Justice

MARJ: 27 SH from core and concentration requirements and 6 SH of CJP electives (chosen in consultation with academic advisor) for a total of 33 SH

  • Foundations for Peacebuilding I and II (12 SH)
  • Research Methods for Social Change (3 SHs)
  • Practicum (6-9 SH)

Additional RJ courses (9 SH):

  • Restorative Justice: the Promise, the Challenge (3 SH)
  • Restorative Justice Practices (3 SH)
    Restorative Justice and Whole System Approaches (3 SH)
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