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Myron and Esther Augsburger

October 2008 Lectures at Beesen Divinity School, Samford, Univ., Birmingham, Al.

October 2008 Guest Lecturer, Evang. Theological Seminary, Myerstown, Pa.

September 2008 Anabaptist History Tours, several earlier, but also in 2004, 2006

June 17, 2008 Twenty second book released, “The Fugitive, Menno Simons”

February 2008 Speaker at the Martoma Convention, Kerela, India, , 150,000 present !

February 2007- February 1, 2008 Interim pastor at HMC.

October 1-16, 2007 Back at Osijeck, Croatia for a two week term

June 20-29, 2008 Shared with Esther in her International Artists Conf., Sophia, Bulgaria.

2005-2007 Served as Overseer for Special Ministries, Virginia Menno., Conf.

Guest professor at the Evang. Theological Seminary, Osijeck, Croatia

2004-2006 Interim pastor at Zion Mennonite Church

Guest professor at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India, spring term

September 19, 1997 Esther and son Michael completed the sculpture "Guns into Plowshares." The sculpture was placed and dedicated in Judiciary Square in Washington D.C.

1997 Myron began writing (and Esther edited) a book on reconciliation. They later named the book, The Robe of God, which was published by Herald Press in December 2000.

November 1996 Esther was invited to Moscow to work on the Russian Artists' Conference and to be the speaker for a seminar on Art and Faith.

Winter 1994 Esther and son Michael began thier work together on the sculpture "Guns into Plowshares" for Washington D.C. Esther made dozens of trip to Washington to meet with committees for thier approval and to pick up the 6,000 guns used in the sculpture.

September 1993 Esther began her work with Eastern European artists. She organized and convened a conference for Christians in Art at Mittersill, Austria, for Eastern and Western European artists. Nine out of ten Eastern and Western countries were represented in this first conference of its kind in Europe. She invited Timothy Bentch to lead the music and worship. Bentch became a partner with Esther in planning future art conference in Eastern Europe, which now occur every two years.

April 1993 At the request of Victor Pres, Myron and Esther co-authored a book on the family which the publishers titled How to be a Christ Shaped Family. It is now reprinted as God Sculptures the Family.

April 12-18, 1992 Myron led a team of four professors to Moscow, and lectured at four different universities. Later, he traveled to Russia again to work on developing a Russian American Christian University, now a thriving school in Moscow. Esther lectured on art and faith at the University of Bombay Art School wwhich provided an opportunity to witness to many Hindu people.

September 22-27, 1991 After nearly two years of preparation, Esther traveled to Sheffield, England, to curate an art exhibition by international Christian artists sponsored by the International Christian Media Commission.

November 18, 1990 Myron and Esther celebrate thier 40th wedding anniversary with family and friends.

May 1988 Myron became President of the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities, Washington D.C., a group that served ninety Christian colleges across North America. He continued this role for six years until his retirement in 1995.

December 1987 Myron resigned as lead pastor of Washington Community Fellowship, and began a new assignment with the Christian College Coalition.

September 19, 1987 At the inauguration of Joseph L. Lapp as EMC's new president, the three previous EMC presidents were in attendance.

September 1987 Myron and Esther left for a semester at union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India. Myron taught at the school, while Esther built a nin-foot sculpture of Jesus washing Peter's feet that was placed in the center of the campus. Esther was also asked by Kathleen Nicolls, former missionary and drama professor at Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, to partner in convening conferences for Christian artists in Asia, to be sponsored by the International Christian Media Commission.

1986 Myron was the featured lecturer in the 1986 Staley lecture series.

1984 At the invitation of Dr Duke McCall of the Russian Baptist Union, Myron and Esther participated in the group's 100-year celebration. They also visited Moscow and St Petersburg, Russian, and Latvia. This visit was before the breakup of teh Soviet Union, and they were under constant surveillance by the KGB.

1982 Esther started serving on the Board of Directors of Eastern Baptist College and Seminary in Philadelphia, something she continued for nearly 14 years. Myron was senior pastor of Washington Community Fellowship.

March 1981 The church was named Washington Community Fellowship, which continues to this day. Around this same time, Esther was elected to be a member of the Mennonite Board of Missions. She served two consecutive terms for the next eight years.

September 1980 Myron, with Esther, moved to Princeton Theological Seminary as Scholar in Residence for the year. Mennonite Board of Missions personnel came to Myron and Esther to urge them to consider moving to Washington, D.C., to plant a church. By early spring, they accepted the invitation.

June 1980 Myron completed fifteen memorable years of service as President of EMC. His presidency was marked by campus growth (new science center and library) and an interdisciplinary curriculum that combined faith and learning. Many national and world-wide speaking engagements brought recognition to the college.

1979 After much hard work and late nights, Esther graduated from James Madison University with her Master of Arts degree.

August 1972 Esther was hired by Sam Weaver to teach art at Eastern Mennonite High School, which had very few art courses. She stared the year in the old Park School building. The only water source was a drinking fountain in the hall. Esther persuaded Sam to add an art room to the proposed fine arts wing.

June 1972 Myron joined with nine other presidents of Christian colleges to form a new association, known as the Christian College Consortium.

June 1972 Myron recieved an appointment to meet with Melvin Laird, Secretary of Defense, in the Pentegon. He first met with General Pershing for a debriefing and thenwith Mr Laird to talk about the war in Vietnam. Myron's message: That there is a higher honor than the one President Nixon and Mr Laird were talking about.

May 1979 Esther graduated from EMC, Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in secondary art education. She was the first person at EMC to recieve an art major degree.


1969 Myron worked with Paul Kraybill, Richard Detweiler and a dozen others to create the Mennonite Christian Leadership Foundation. This program is being integrated with Global Disciples as of 2000.

December 1969 EMC Library Drive: Myron explained to the students at EMC that they were still $160,000 short of reaching the goal to build the new libary and asked for the students' prayers. While Myron went away to secure more funds, the students went to work and gathered things for an auction that surprised Myron on his return. The late night auction brought the necessary funds and the next morning in chapel the trustees signed the contract with Nielson Construction for the new library.

September 19, 1969 Time magazine listed Myron among five of the most influentials "preachers of an active gospel." Described as wearing "the 'plain coat' of the Mennonite brotherhood," the magazine described him as a "dedicated integrationalist and a pacifist."

Summer 1968 Under Myron's leadership, EMC started additional programs for student enrichment in Washington, D.C., New York City, Atlanta, and Quebec, in addition to a summer program in Mexico.

June 6, 1966 Myron recieved this first honorary doctorate at Houghton College, N.Y.; this was the first of 10 honoraries. he remained an active speaker on campuses and congregations, as well as in his crusade ministry. One of thes crusades, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, drew more than 7,000 people.

January 1966 The first major curricular innovation was the all-school two-week seminary titled "Discipleship in a Brave New World." Myron brought ten prominent leaders in academics and church work to speak. These speakers exposed the campus to broad influence and the seminary became a tradition, running once every four years. Myron also brought one international faculty member each year as further cross-cultural enrichment. Myron led the committees in the work of building a new curriculum and the interdisciplinary studies program. The theme of this program was to integrate Christian faith with the arts and other classes.

July 1965 Myron became president of EMC at the age of 35. He focused on the growth of the college and the quality and revitalization of the academic program. Before Myron became president, there were no pianos, drama, or athletic dress on campus. He raised the funds for the organ in the chapel.

1964 Myron receives his Doctorate in Theology degree from Union Theological Seminary/Richmond. His dissertation topic was "Michael Sattler d. 1527, Theologian of the Swiss Brethren Movement."

August 1963 Myron held a memorable outdoor crusade in Salt Lake City, Utah. The choir was on the steps of the capital and the audience was below. that first afternoon meeting it poured rain and the Governor and Secretary of State invited the audience inside the capital for the rest of the service. Over 3,000 people filled the rotunda.


June 1962 The Augsburger family moved back to Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Myron began teaching part-time at EMC.

May 1962 The Augsburgers and Ken and Betty Masterman conducted a crusade in Constant Spring, Jamaica, that drew 5,000 people.

June 1961 Myron receives his Master of Theology degree from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia

August 1960 The Augsburger family moved to Richmond, Virginia so that Myron could begin working on his doctorate at Union Theological Seminary. Myron also was asked to be one of the pastors for National Heights Mennonite Church in Richmond. He served at National Heights from 1961-1964.

February 1960 Myron, with other evangelism leaders, went to Washington, D.C., for the first National Christian Leadership Breakfast with President Eisenhower. Also in February of 1960, Myron held the first interdenominational crusade in Wilmington, Delaware. On the closing night there were three consecutive services to accomodate the crowds.

April 12, 1959 Myron and Esther's daughter Marcia is born.


1958 Myron graduated in the spring with his Bachelor of Theology degree from Eastern Mennonite Seminary and in the fall began his Master of Divinity degree at Goshen Biblical Seminary in Goshen, Indiana.

Summer 1957 During the late summer, Myron went to the Mennonite World Conference in Karlsruhe, Germany and then to Beirut, Lebanon for a crusade with Samuel Doctorian. he also attended conferences in Syria, Jordan, West Bank, and Israel, as well as other speaking engagements.

June 10, 1956 At the urging of President Mumaw, Myron returned to EMC as campus pastor and began seminary studies. Esther began taking a few college courses and continued to support her husband and take care of the family

June 6, 1955 Myron graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from EMC.

1954-55 Myron goes to the Virginia Mission Board to encourage them to work in Jamaica. Currently, there are 12 Mennonite churches in Jamaica.

August 20, 1953 Myron and Esther moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia, so that Myron could serve as half-time campus pastor of EMC and take college courses for two years.

May 8, 1953 Myron and Esther's second son, Michael David, is born

April 29, 1952 Myron and Esther's first son, John is born.

May 1951 Myron and Esther planned to return to Eastern Mennonite College as students, but Myron was asked to pastor Tuttle Avenue Mennonite Church in Sarasota , Florida . After some prayer and delibera­tion, they drove to Sarasota with all their possessions in their car and $100 in their pocket.


November 26, 1950 Myron and Esther's planned wedding day. Their plans were postponed because of a blizzard that blew into Ohio the night before. The 34-inch snowfall stranded parts of the wedding party in different areas of Ohio . Everyone eventually came together a few days later; Myron and Esther were married on November 28.

1947 Esther began attending Eastern Mennon!te High School while Myron worked at home and later attended Ontario Mennonite Bible Institute for a six-week bible term. After this bible term Myron was determined to continue his studies in college.

1945 Esther and her family moved to Elida, Ohio where, unknown to her, her future husband lived. Myron would offer to teach Esther how to ice skate during this first winter.

November 8, 1930 Esther Kniss was born to Lloy and Elizabeth Kniss in Dhumtari, India. When Esther was 12 years old, she and her family evacuated to America during World War II and settled in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

August 20, 1929 Myron Augsburger was born to Clarence and Estella Augsburger in Elida, Ohio.

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