Retired Faculty

Myron S. Augsburger
President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Theology

Eastern Mennonite University, B.A., Th.B.; Goshen Biblical Seminary, B.D.; Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, Th.M., Th.D.; President, Eastern Mennonite University, 1965-80; Founder and pastor emeritus, Washington Community Fellowship; President, Christian College Coalition, 1988-94; Ordained minister, 1951

George R Brunk, III
Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of New Testament

Eastern Mennonite University, B.A., 1961; Eastern Mennonite Seminary, B.D., 1964; Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, Th.D., 1975; Eastern Mennonite Seminary, 1974-2011 professor of New Testament, Acting Dean, 1977-79, Dean 1979-99; Palermo, Sicily, Italy, under Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions, 1964-70; Chair, Council on Faith, Life and Strategy of the Mennonite Church, 1979-85; Member, General Board of the Mennonite Church, 1979-85; 1987-93; Member, Brunk Foundation for Evangelism, 1975- ; Leadership training in Italy (summers 1977, 1978, 2004) & Jamaica (summers 1975, 1976); Chair, Board of Elders, Lindale Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, Va., 1981-85, 2004- ; Member, Executive Council, Institute of Mennonite Studies, 1981-97; Moderator, Mennonite Church General Assembly, 1989-91.

James R. Engle
Professor Emeritus of Old Testament

Messiah College, BA, 1962; Mennonite Biblical Seminary, BD, 1967; University of Pittsburgh/Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, PhD, 1979; Voluntary Service in Newfoundland, 1962-64; Public schools in Ohio, 1967-70; Square or area supervisor, Bab edh-Dhra’, Jordan, summers, 1975, 1977, 1981; Freeman Junior College & Academy, 1979-84; Meserete Kristos College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1997-98; Fall 2004; Fall 2013, EMS 1984 -

John R. Martin
Professor Emeritus of Church Ministry

Eastern Mennonite University, B.A.; Goshen Biblical Seminary, Th.B.; Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Th.M.; Lancaster Theological Seminary, D.Min.; Pastor, Fish Lake Mennonite Church, 1955; Pastor, Woodridge Mennonite Church, 1956-59; Pastor, Neffsville Mennonite Church, 1961-71; Associate executive secretary, National Service Board for Religious Objectors, 1957-59; Director, I-W Service, Mennonite Board of Missions, 1959-61; Overseer, Ohio Mennonite Conference, 1962-71; Board member, Mennonite Broadcasts, 1966-77; Trustee, Eastern Mennonite University, 1966-71; Board Member, Mennonite Board of Congregational Ministries, 1979-87; Member, Ministry of Spirituality Committee, 1984-87; Moderator, Virginia Mennonite Conference, 1987-89; Member, Spirituality Reference Council, 1990-95; EMU 1971-78; EMS 1978-95.

Wendy J. Miller
Assistant Professor Emerita of Spiritual Formation

Iowa Wesleyan College, BA; Eastern Mennonite Seminary, MA; Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation, Group Leaders Program; General Theological Seminary, STM in Spiritual Theology and Direction; Volunteer Chaplain, Wayland Mennonite Retirement Community, 1985-88; Associate Pastor, Bethlehem (Pa.) Mennonite Church, 1989-90; Resource for spiritual direction and retreats, School for Spiritual Formation, Virginia Conference, 1986-present; Director Summer Institute for Spiritual Formation at EMS, 1996-2010; Faculty, Training in Spiritual Direction, Louisiana UM Conference, 1999-present; Mississippi Conference UM Church, Troy Conference UM Church, 2003-present; Alabama Conference UM Church, 2010-; Upper New York Conference UM Church, 2010-; EMS, 1991-2010.

Herman R. Reitz
Associate Professor of New Testament

Millersville State College, B.S.; Eastern Mennonite University, Th.B; Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, B.D.; Presbyterian School of Christian Education, M.A.; New York University, Ph.D.; Pastor, Mt. Jackson Mennonite Church, 1956-58, 1961-70; Copastor, First Mennonite Church, 1958-61; Pastor, Dayton Mennonite Church, 1976-92; EMU, 1961-93; EMS, 1965-93.

Edward B. Stoltzfus
Professor Emeritus of Theology

Goshen College, B.A.; Goshen Biblical Seminary, B.D.; Princeton Theological Seminary, Th.M.; Chicago Theological Seminary, graduate studies. Pastor, First Mennonite Church, Iowa, 1971-80; Moderator, Mennonite Church General Assembly, 1975-77; Chair, Music-Worship Committee, Mennonite General Conference, 1963-71; Member, Mennonite Hymnal Committee, 1963-69; Pastor, Bethel Mennonite Church, Ohio, 1953-64; Chair, Peace, Love and Justice Task Force of the Mennonite Church, 1980-83; EMS, 1978-79; 1980-95.

Lawrence M. Yoder
Professor Emeritus of Missiology

Messiah College, B.A.; Mennonite Biblical Seminary, M.Div.; Fuller Theological Seminary, Th.M., Ph.D.; teacher of church history and Mennonite history at Wiyata Wacana Theological College, Pati, Indonesia, 1970-79; acting president/dean, 1972-73; Indonesia Country Administrator for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), 1973-77; Director of the John Coffman Center for Evangelism&Church Planting at EMS, 1983-95; EMS, 1983-2009.

Nathan Yoder
Professor Emeritus Church History

Paul M. Zehr
Professor Emeritus

Eastern Mennonite University, B.A., 1962; Eastern Mennonite Seminary, B.D., 1965; Princeton Theological Seminary, Th.M., 1975; Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, D.Min., 1987; Adult education classes, Lancaster, Pa., 1975-89; Eastern Mennonite Seminary, 1981-2001; Eastern Mennonite University-Lancaster Program, 1989-2001; Meserete Kristos College, Ethiopia, Summers 1999, 2002; Pastor, First Mennonite
Church, St. Petersburg, Fla., 1965-73; Member, Mennonite Church General Board, 1971-1979; Pastor, First Deaf Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pa., 1973-87; Bishop, Lancaster Mennonite Conference, 1980-2005; Member, Mennonite Board of Education, 1983-1989; Director, Pastoral Training Program, Lancaster Mennonite Conference, 1980-94; Chairman, Believers Church Bible Commentary Editorial Council, 1987-

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