Pre-Physical Therapy

Overview of Physical Therapy

Download the list of required courses for Pre-Physical Therapy:

Students who are service-oriented, compassionate, interested in health and human body issues, and academically competent can develop into skilled health care professionals.

Our undergraduate program emphasizes quality academics and Christian caring empathy and prepares students for entrance into graduate level health professional programs.

Preparing for study after EMU

Students who wish become physical therapists are advised to choose biology as their undergraduate major, since so many pre-requisite courses needed for entrance into graduate programs of physical therapy are biology-related.

One of two minors is advised for this program: exercise science or psychology. If another minor is desired by the student instead of one of these two, then it is strongly suggested that the student elect several courses from the Departments of Psychology and Physical Education to fill out their sequence of pre-requisite courses.

During the undergraduate years, the pre-physical therapy student should acquire clinical exposure in physical therapy by volunteering at a minimum of two different facilities. Each experience should minimally result in about 50 contact hours.

In addition, the student should have general volunteer experiences (minimally 100 hours) that are not necessarily clinically related to physical therapy. These experiences should be documented and put in the student file so reference can be made to them in letters of recommendation to graduate physical therapy programs by the PPHS advisory committee.

Graduate programs in physical therapy have varied pre-requisite requirements. Early in the undergraduate program, the pre-physical therapy student should select several potential graduate physical therapy programs and then ensure that all of their required and many of their suggested courses are part of the pre-physical therapy curriculum.

GRE scores from the general area test are a part of the application process.

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