Steve Kriss

Steve Kriss


Office Location: n/a

Assoc Dir Pastoral Studies

Seminary - Lancaster and EMU at Lancaster

“My work is about building strengths, opportunities and relationships; inviting persons and communities to discover the Spirit’s invitation toward transformation in the way of Jesus.”

Steve is a pastor, student, teacher, follower of Jesus living in Philadelphia. He’s studied communication and continues to write a column for Mennonite World Review frequently. As a pastor, Steve has served with Mennonite congregations in Johnstown, PA and Staten Island, NY and with emerging groups in Pittsburgh. He currently worships with Philadelphia Praise Center, a growing multiethnic, urban Anabaptist congregation. Steve enjoys traveling, writing, biking and is committed to living a healthy life of rest, risk and learning that prioritizes relationships with family, friends, colleagues, faith communities and neighbors near and far.