Margaret Gehman

Margaret Gehman

Office Phone: (540) 437-4336

Office Location: n/a

Professor Emerita/Art


Dr. Gehman taught art and physical education courses at EMU for 43 years, starting during World War II. She continued teaching a watercolor course for nine years after her official retirement. During her heyday in physical education, she was affectionately called “Speedy.”

In her retirement, Gehman was known around campus for her volunteer and philanthropic work at EMU. In fact, a new annual philanthropy award is named in her honor. She was also known as the driver of a blue 1967 VW Beetle that she and longtime EMU professor Ernest Gehman bought new at the time of their wedding in Europe. She drove it until age 88.


B.S., James Madison University
M.A., Ed.D., Vanderbilt University

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