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Physical Education Department

Recreation Leadership and Sports Studies

Student Spotlight

2017 United States D-3 Select volleyball team
Junior Christian Taylor (kneeling at right) spent 10 days traveling and playing with the US D-3 Select volleyball team in Brazil during June 2017. He hopes to play overseas after graduation and then to coach the sport at the university level.

Read more about his trip…

This program prepares students for entry-level positions in such areas as commercial and municipal recreation, corporate and campus recreation, for a variety of fitness related careers, such as strength and conditioning coach and fitness specialist, sports club management, athletic administration, sports promotion and marketing, and arena and stadium management. As part of the business and economics department students will learn the business of sports management as well as the necessary skills for leadership in recreational programs. Each student will complete an EMU minor of their choice to provide focus in area of personal interest. The major consists of 38 SH and the completion of a minor.

Recreation Leadership and Sport Studies Major (38 SH)

  • PE 101 Introduction to Health Physical Education and Recreation (3 SH)
  • REC 205 Recreation and Sport Leadership (2 SH)
  • REC 211 Sophomore Practicum (1 SH)
  • REC 305 Risk Management in Recreation and Sport (3 SH)
  • *REC 309 Recreation and Sport Program and Event Planning (3 SH)
  • REC 401 Recreation and Sport Administration (3 SH)
  • *REC 402 Facility Design and Supervision in Sport and Recreation (2 SH)
  • REC 411 Senior Internship (4 SH)
  • HE 201 First Aid (1 SH) OR
  • PEG 118 Lifeguarding (1 SH)
  • PE 301 Adapted Physical Education (3 SH)
  • PE 302 Motor Learning (2 SH)
  • BUAD 221 Principles of Management (3 SH)
  • CIS 211 Spreadsheet and Data Management (1 SH)
  • PXD 321 Group Dynamics and Facilitation (3 SH) OR
  • PXD 311 Mediation and Interpersonal Processes (3 SH)

Choose two of the following activity courses (4 SH):

  • PEM 141 Teaching Individual Sports (2 SH)
  • PEM 142: Teaching Team Sports (2 SH)
  • PEM 143: Principles of Fitness Conditioning & Strength Training (2 SH)
  • PEM 144 Experiential Education and Recreational Games (2 SH)

Complete one EMU minor (16-18 SH) of the student’s choice, such as:

  • Youth Ministry (18 SH)
  • Business Administration (18 SH)
  • Human Resource Management (18 SH)
  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science (18 SH)
  • Psychology (18 SH)
  • Peacebuilding (18 SH)
  • Coaching (16-18 SH)
  • Environmental Sustainability (17-18 SH)

Future Career and Grad School Paths

The following post-EMU paths (career or grad school) would be possible for the RLASS graduate depending upon the student’s chosen minor:

  • Recreation program director
  • Community recreation
  • Camp director
  • Camp program director
  • Municipal recreation specialist
  • Youth sports program director
  • Adult fitness or sports club management
  • Sports information director
  • Developmental club sport
  • Athletic coach
  • Youth pastor/ministry
  • Sport marketing
  • Campus intramurals/recreation

Graduate School

  • Sport Management
  • Sport Marketing
  • Recreation Leadership
  • Seminary