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EMU Parents

EMU Parent Perspectives

Cherie Luther, mother of Jordan and Abbie LutherCherie Luther

Mother of Jordan Luther ’15 and Abbie Luther ’17

“I have two children who will be EMU graduates. When we first visited EMU, my husband and I both fell in love with it. We knew it was the school for our son.

I can never say enough good things about Eastern Mennonite.

Jordan wanted to study Bible and religion and found EMU by searching online. We had never heard of Eastern Mennonite, but we come from a Brethren faith background [one of the historic peace churches] so we’re somewhat familiar with Mennonites. When we heard where it was located, in the Shenandoah Valley, we suggested Bridgewater College, a traditionally Brethren school, as a possible option, but Jordan told us no right away. He wanted to go to EMU.

Financially EMU is affordable and well, well worth the investment for anyone who is looking at a college.

I cannot tell you how at ease we were when we left Jordan at EMUthat first day. He is our first child and so was our first college experience. When we talked to other parents who had dropped their children off at other schools, we found that our experiences were like night and day. Their experience seemed to be more of a drop and run, but for us EMU was welcoming and helpful and made us feel included and at ease.

When we dropped off Jordan for the first time I cried the whole way home. My baby was at college. But when I dropped off our daughter Abbie I didn’t cry at all. I knew we were dropping her off in a place she would be loved and feel right at home.

Financially EMU is affordable and well, well worth the investment for anyone who is looking at a college. There are many grants and scholarships that help make the college affordable and very comparable to public schools. College is not just a financial investment, it is an investment in the lives of your children."

Paul Leaman, father of Jenny and Kevin LeamanPaul Leaman

Father of EMU graduates
Jenny Leaman ’13 and Kevin Leaman ’15

“We were pleased with EMU’s financial assistance. The scholarships offered our children made EMU as cost effective as JMU or other in-state schools; plus, we received the benefit of seeing our children deepen faith-based values of compassion, service, community, justice, environmental sensitivity, and the choice of career paths that improve health conditions for others while providing a living for themselves.

The scholarships offered our children made EMUas cost effective as JMUor other in-state schools.

Our daughter is an EMU graduate whose preparation coupled with EMU’s local reputation immediately helped her land meaningful RN work in our local hospital. Her aspirations include further training and I know she is well-prepared for advanced levels of nursing care.

Our son is an EMU senior well-prepared for graduate work. We have confidence in his abilities as well.EMU has provided us peace of mind for how professors and program have helped shape our young adults for life."

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