Wednesday Link Potluck: Glenn Beck Edition

September 1st, 2010 – by Jeremy W. Yoder, Wednesday Link Potluck

A new feature of Work & Hope is the “Wednesday Link Potluck,” a weekly link dump of articles and blog posts of interest from across the Internet. In response to last weekend’s Restoring Honor rally in Washington, DC, the links below focus on commentary about the event and the intersection between faith and politics.

Was Saturday’s rally about faith, politics or both? Contrasting views:

  • Jim Garlow argues that Beck’s rally was about faith and sought to restore virtue and God’s place in American society.
  • Virtue smirtue. Joe Conason believes the rally is really intended to mobilize evangelical conservatives and to assert the power of the Religious Right in the upcoming election.
  • Elizabeth Scalia views the rally as a “sensible tent revival meeting” that avoided as a political event avoided politics, and muses about the eschatological issues inherent in calls for revival and restoration.
  • Russell Moore compares the rally to an evangelical apocalyptic novel as Christian embrace “vacuous talk about about undefined ‘revival’ and ‘turning America back to God'” to accommodate political ideology (or at least Glenn Beck’s ego). Also: Mormons are icky.
  • Nate Richards praises the rally’s message that “individualism must reign in our nation” and that we cannot rely on the government to “bring this nation into an age of liberty and faith.”
  • Mark Silk thinks the rally was a throw-back to the “I Love America” rallies of the 1970’s and seems kinda bored by the entire thing.
  • Agnostic James Wall Kirk is irked by all the God-talk and argues that non-religious Americans are good, moral people too.
  • Graham Hill has some thoughts on engaging politics as a Christian.

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