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Integration at Powershift

The conference Powershift attracts thousands of animated and passionate young activists and wannabe- world changers, which resulted in a delightful, incendiary, informative and inspiring weekend. Powershift is an annual event geared toward college students designed to empower and inform. It… Read More ›

LSA Fundraiser Banquet

A taste for delicious Latino-inspired cuisine, traditional music, dance including salsa, and benefits to the local organization “La Casita,” all contributed to the unprecedented attendance to the LSA Banquet last Friday. At the banquet, participants could enjoy a free, tasty… Read More ›

Second Saturday Night Out

This past Saturday marked an oft too unheralded event in the local Harrisonburg area. “Second Saturday Night Out,” held at Our Community Place is an opportunity to partake in a delicious meal, connect with and support an active organization and… Read More ›