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Refining, No Re-Creating

A part of college is confronting ourselves and weighing our present values and lifestyle against what we learn while here. It provides a time for change, but we should not use it as an excuse to completely reinvent ourselves. While… Read More ›

Introvert Community Life

Community is a point of emphasis at EMU. Our housing is even worked around the idea that we as students will want to spend time together with our dormitory family. But, these gatherings can leave some of our community feeling… Read More ›

CISPA Misunderstanding

For the last week there have been memes on Reddit’s front page regarding CISPA—some of which are complaints, some are critiques, and other memes are just a sad attempt at being clever. The posters are prompting viewers to write to… Read More ›

Government Standstill

Our government has been at a standstill since midnight last Tuesday. The only Federal operations and employees still working at present are the Armed Services, Postal Service, Essential Employees of every branch— and Congress and the Senate. For many reasons… Read More ›