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Letter to the Editor

Thanks to the US, Israel, and the Holocaust, there are very few Jews in Europe. But Jews have been stepped on by European Christians since Constantine (give or take). Picking ourselves back up became a work of art. We became… Read More ›

A Note on Kimye’s Vogue

As some of you probably didn’t care to notice, this month’s Vogue cover features none other than Kim Kardashian and her soon- to-be husband Kanye West. The announcement was made about a week ago via Twitter by Kardashian herself, and… Read More ›

Refining, No Re-Creating

A part of college is confronting ourselves and weighing our present values and lifestyle against what we learn while here. It provides a time for change, but we should not use it as an excuse to completely reinvent ourselves. While… Read More ›

Faith Contradictions

Supposedly, the basis for the exclusion of hiring faculty in same-sex relationships lies in the Mennonite Church USA Confession of Faith of 1995, Article 19. Below are a few potential consequences from this document that, one would assume, are also… Read More ›

Question: Why Theater?

I am constantly asked, why theater? Why not film? Why choose such an impractical major? Do you ever want to be employed? Why theater at such a small school? Of all the places to study theater, why EMU? While I… Read More ›

Art: The Open Question

Tattoos have been a part of our culture for years. Some of the earliest known tattoos date back to the prehistoric times. In many cultures around the world tattoos are a sign of social class, occupation, or even a right… Read More ›

Athletic Education

At EMU, a school not known as much for sports as for recycling, I’ve often heard professors giving athletes a hard time about their sport and how much time it takes. It’s easy to dismiss a division three athlete and… Read More ›