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Into the Archives of WeatherVane

“Recently an Inorganic Chemistry student made the mistake of igniting a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. The result was a violent explosion, sending glass in every direction. Ezra Nafziger exclaimed, ’’That’s what I’ve been wishing for all these years, a… Read More ›

Presidential Search Commences

The presidential search committee is currently creating a presidential profile, a description of traits necessary for future candidates to possess. This profile will be made available on the EMU website in mid-October. Ap- plications will be accepted during this time… Read More ›

Zook Departure Sparks Change

The former faculty and chair of EMU’s department of physical education and recreation, [PE&R] Lester Zook, left his position at the end of last academic year. Now the department is short one faculty member. Long-time PE&R professor, Sandy Brownscombe, replaced… Read More ›

Internet Improvements

EMU has plans set up which will double the total amount of bandwidth our university provides to people using the internet. This will be done by teaming up with a second Internet Service Provider (ISP). The Information Systems (IS) department… Read More ›