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Poem of the Week: Underdogs

By: Diego Barahona Un-blessed are the poor, for the centre-peripheral design of the world Has kept them mired in poverty, while self-sabotage remains the leading hypothesis in the realms of popular socioeconomics. Un-blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for… Read More ›

Poem of the Week

one hiccupping pilgrim halts at the shriveled worming road before her, pimpled with pebbles blueblack with winter beatings. the chronic birthday-disappointment pain, the childhood companion embraces her at chest height and sinks slowly down squeezing her into a pear, the… Read More ›

Poem of the Week

Frost melted off the pears by the time You came home without the milk, again. I brood over the morning crossword Burnt toast and scrambled eggs Six letters, “Wish undone.” Your shoulders tense as you exhale I look for some… Read More ›