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A Prayer of Attunement

  Grace and Peace, Jordan In the cacophony of our world, We halt to those whose blood cries out from the ground. Listening with hearts that are Anxious. Heavy. Hardened. God of endless compassion, give us ears to hear. We… Read More ›

Poem of the Week

  Today  Today I changed my sheets to yellow. Yellow is not happy Yellow is not cowardly Yellow is not ”mellow” Yellow is the sun. And, like the sun, It is fire and passion. Yellow is the god Apollo, And… Read More ›

Poem of the Week: Underdogs

By: Diego Barahona Un-blessed are the poor, for the centre-peripheral design of the world Has kept them mired in poverty, while self-sabotage remains the leading hypothesis in the realms of popular socioeconomics. Un-blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for… Read More ›

Poem of the Week

one hiccupping pilgrim halts at the shriveled worming road before her, pimpled with pebbles blueblack with winter beatings. the chronic birthday-disappointment pain, the childhood companion embraces her at chest height and sinks slowly down squeezing her into a pear, the… Read More ›