Word From the District: Tech Industry Grows in D.C.

When many people think of the center of this country’s technology industry, they often think of Silicon Valley. The east has yet to develop a tech giant. However, D.C. seems to be on its way to becoming that giant.

Last year alone there were over 1,000 tech startup companies in D.C. supported by venture capitalists, as well as accelerator programs geared towards technology becoming a major benefit and jobs creator for the city. Currently, in the metro area around the nation’s capital, approximately 79 of every 1,000 jobs are in technology. Washington D.C. has unveiled an economic development initiative called Digital DC, which provides funding to promote D.C. as the leading community in the innovation and high-tech economy.

This initiative describes D.C. in this way, “As one of the fastest-growing cities in the world for technology companies and venture capital investment, Digital D.C. represents and supports the vibrant, dedicated, and unique community of local and international tech and innovation-based businesses that are thriving in the District.”

A close neighbor, the state of Virginia, and especially the city of Alexandria, is also doing very well in this sector. Preparing for my semester with the WCSC, I constantly came across internship and full-time job listings in Alexandria.

Ultimately, I was connected with the Smithsonian Institution’s Office of the Chief Information Officer for my internship. I can say that during my time here I can see the opportunity for growth in this field. The government is one of the biggest employers in this area and they need technology specialists to help shape an innovative future.

Written by Daniel Williams, Contributing Writer

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