Pep Band Formed at EMU

This year EMU will welcome the Pep Band at home basketball games. The Pep Band, which is comprised of EMU students, will be playing during half-times, timeouts, and also preceding games.

“Everyone in the EMU community should be super pumped about Pep Band because pumped is what we do. We are here to bring support to our athletes and a spark to the crowd,” says first-year Bekah Mongold.

After conversation about starting a Pep Band for nearly a year, it has finally become a reality. This conversation was first provoked by sophomore and Student Assistant Director Josh Calderon, which then led to more formal discussion with the Director of Athletics and Music Department Chair to figure out logistics.

Students were excited to hear the news. “At first I was disappointed to see that EMU didn’t have a Pep Band, but when they announced they were creating one, I jumped at the opportunity to join,” says first-year Alison Helfrich.

The Pep Band will play at about four to five games for each of the men and women’s home basketball schedule. There is also the possibility of the Pep Band playing at other EMU sporting events as well. However, the response Pep Band gets will determine whether they play at more games.

“We want to be kind of the soundtrack for excitement,” says Director John Dull. Their goal is to have about 20 students in the stands playing wind, percussion, guitars, and other Pep Band style instruments. They will be playing a variety of arrangements including 30-second versions of popular songs. Dull describes the songs as, “Music you want to hear.”

Though Pep Band is just beginning, Dull is very pleased with how well they are playing already. Helfrich agrees, saying, “I’m most excited about how well we are playing, and we’ve only had one rehearsal so far.”

As of right now, Pep Band is mainly composed of EMU students, but it is possible that some faculty and staff may play as well.

“What I want [Pep Band] to be is an experience for not only the fans… but also make it a real activity, a thing that the people involved in it want todo.Inaway,weareateam.You know, the Pep Band is its own team,” says Dull.

“Pep Band is a place that you can be as weird as you want and no one will question you. You can be loud and spirited because that’s what it’s about. Everyone puts forth their best effort because they are excited to be there, ready to cheer on EMU’s players,” says Helfrich.

The students are currently in the process of designing uniform t-shirts they will wear during the game in hopes of creating a school spirited look amongst the band.

The schedule for Pep Band playing dates is still being finalized. However, the majority of their appearances will be in the spring semester.

Written by Allie Short, Opinion Editor

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