Break the Chain Organizers Speak about Event in Q & A

Q: How did the idea for this event come about? What are your connections to this topic?

Bekah: Jolee came to me with this idea and I was totally on board! I was so excited that someone else saw a need and wanted to do something about it and it wasn’t always me talking about the same injustices. I think my connection to the topic is extremely personal.

Jolee: This semester I’m volunteering with New Creation to help with some awareness and fundraising on college campuses in Harrisonburg around the issue of human trafficking.

I also had a desire to connect ministries across Harrisonburg campuses in worship and prayer. There are
so many churches and ministries at EMU, JMU, and Bridgewater and I had a desire from the Lord to connect them.

Q: What were your goals for the event?

Bekah: Pray together as a community and educate the public about the realities of the human flesh trade, but not on an international level, more on a local/domestic level. So often we think it happens “over there” and rarely do we conceive the possibility that it is happening in our community.

Q: Can you talk about what you see the connection between ministry and human trafficking or more broadly the connection between social justice and ministry/faith?

Jolee: Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom and God is a liberator that longs to set the captives free. Sabrina Dorman of “New Creation” spoke to the importance of prayer matched with action in raising awareness on the issue of human trafficking.

Q: What were your reflections of how Break the Chain went?

Bekah: I thought it went really well! I was impressed with the amount of people who showed up. I can say pretty honestly that I was not expecting more than 10 people to show up. But I think the crowd was close to 50. It was so wonderful to all be worshiping and praying together. I also really appreciated what Sabrina had to say—her passion really came through and she was very eloquent. I am super excited to have her on campus during spiritual life week. She is most definitely an inspiration.

Devon Fore, Co-Editor in Chief

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