Revisiting the Weather Vane Articles

Reprinted below are the first two pages of a Weather Vane issue originally published on May 15, 1956. The first page features a poem by Maretta Shetler and an accompanying illustration entitled,”Frustrations of Student Life; no.6.” The second page features a diary entry about an adopted squirrel named Cadillac; the text of that entry is copied here:

“Dear Diary, It’s the little extras that make college life fun. Tonight I experienced it again. I spent a whole hour with Bill Howard and his Cadillac. No, not an El Dorado. Cadillac is a cuddly little adolescent squirrel. Bill found him in Park Woods when he was a tiny baby, almost as small as a big mouse, and his eyes were closed like a baby kitten’s. Bill, combining his fatherly instincts with a love for nature, adopted the little fellow. He rigged up a bed for him in the third story of a dresser, with a light bulb for heat. An eye-dropper served well to feed Cadillac his Shenandoah Pride milk. Now Cadillac is several weeks old, playful, healthy, and growing fast. He’s even begun to eat nuts. In fact, he’ll try most anything. He seemed almost as fond as I of Don Mellinger’s chocolate cake. Then, scampering mischievously over Lowell Herr’s desk, he helped himself to the toothpicks. Lowell quickly helped him aside and closed the toothpick box, explaining wryly, “After all, they cost me six cents!” Cadillac seems to have an irresistible urge to climb. Maybe it’s because he’s a squirrel. Anyway, he climbed right up my sleeve, perched on my shoulder, and started playing with my ear. It tickled but I thought it was fun. In most respects I’m ready for school to close, but when I think of Cadillac, I wish we could stay right on. I like him. Squirrel-lovingly yours, Barney”

Jacob Lester, Copy Editor

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