Into the Archives of Weather Vane

“When you looked around and saw old friends on every side last Friday morning, did you rub your eyes and wonder if it was April and Homecoming? Fall Homecoming it was!!! Of the one hundred institute attendants, seventy were alumni and former students. Teachers from 39 Christian schools in eight states came for refreshment and inservice education. Series of lectures on Social Studies Instruction by Carleton WIttlinger of Messiah College and on Mennonite History by Paul Peachey were the special emphases this year. Dr. Charles Hertzler and members of our faculty presented lectures of a professional nature. Exhibits in the Assembly Room, an unusual program by Augusta Mennonite School, group meetings and workshops, an observatory demonstration, the Teacher’s Fellowship at Oakwood, and just plain visiting all had their part in bringing inspiration and new ideas to those who are serving the Lord in our Christian Day Schools.”

— Esther Lehman

This article is republished in its entirety from volume 14, issue 8 of the Weather Vane, published Nov. 5, 1953.

Jacinda Stahly, Co-Editor in Chief 

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