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Poem of the Week

one hiccupping pilgrim halts at the shriveled worming road before her, pimpled with pebbles blueblack with winter beatings. the chronic birthday-disappointment pain, the childhood companion embraces her at chest height and sinks slowly down squeezing her into a pear, the… Read More ›

Lonely Death of a Campus

It happens slowly. Like the prolonged demise of a patient with debilitating heart disease, the campus breathes its last breaths, facing the oncoming winter with fear in its eyes. It receives fewer and fewer visitors every day. Its hands tremble…. Read More ›

Word from the District

My name is Keyla Baltimore and I am currently in the Cross-Cultural at the Washington Community Scholars’ Center (WCSC) in Washington D.C. I am an intern at the YMCA, working with children in 2 different inner city schools. I am… Read More ›