fourth Sunday of Lent

Fourth Sunday of Lent

& archive, Year C.

Lord Jesus Christ, You see how bent over we are Under the weight of the world’s habits. Unburden us Clear the path within our soul Lift up our heads to see you Our hearts to love you To follow you To stay with you. Fourth Sunday in Lent We pause again to contemplate God’s nudgings… Read more »

Fourth Sunday of Lent

& archive, Year B.

 Prayer before reading:   Lord Jesus Christ,                    You call us to come To be with you, And to bear the cost Of giving up our false self. Your Spirit help me To see you, To hear you, To follow you in all of life, To Jerusalem and resurrection.                              Amen  Read slowly. Listen deeply. Indwell the scripture…. Read more »

Fourth Sunday of Lent

& archive, Year A.

  Jesus knew as he began his ministry, what his work is about, and Who it is that would empower him: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor proclaim release to the captives bring recovery of sight to the blind and let… Read more »